I. College Syllabi on Teaching Philosophy to Pre-College Students

In this section you will find sample syllabi for college-level courses about teaching philosophy to K-12 students. The readings and activities can be a source of inspiration for personal learning and preparation as you develop your own approach to introducing philosophy into secondary education. They can also serve as a model for developing college courses or service learning units for teachers to provide them with appropriate background as they consider the role philosophy can play in their classrooms.


Philosophy for Children-Stony Brook and Philosophy for Children: Ethics and Values-Stony Brook
University Instructor: Wendy C. Turgeon
These courses are designed to introduce teachers or adults interested in educational issues to the concepts behind the general movement to teaching philosophy to K-12 students, and to explore ethical education.


Philosophy for Children: Elementary Level-Mt. Holyoke College
University Instructor: Thomas Wartenburg
This course is geared for teaching college students how to bring philosophy into elementary school classrooms, but also includes but also includes excellent suggestions for texts and approaches that will work for older students as well.