American Association of Philosophy Teachers
The AAPT is dedicated to the advancement of the art of teaching philosophy. To this end, the organization sponsors both a newsletter and a biennial workshop/conference on teaching philosophy.

Association for Moral Education
AME provides an interdisciplinary forum for professionals interested in the moral dimensions of educational theory and practice. The Association is dedicated to fostering communication, cooperation, training, curriculum development, and research that links moral theory with educational practice.

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE)
The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics was founded in 1991 with support from Indiana University and the Lilly Endowment to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching of high quality in practical and professional ethics by educators and practitioners who appreciate the practical-theoretical aspects of their subjects. The Association facilitates communication and joint ventures among centers, schools, colleges, business and nonprofit organizations and individuals concerned with the interdisciplinary study and teaching of practical and professional ethics.

Bertrand Russell Society
One of the major names in 20th-century philosophy. Includes links to Russell sites, papers written by Russell, and papers written about Russell. Mostly useful for students doing research on Bertrand Russell or teachers who want to include background of or readings by Bertrand Russell in course.

British Society for Ethical Theory
Links to other societies, publishers, papers, journals, ethics centers, encyclopedias, philosophy departments, and other philosophy sites. Useful for students and teachers.

Hegel Society of America
Links to Hegel sites, papers written by Hegel, and papers written about Hegel. Mostly useful for students doing research on Hegel or teachers who want to include background of or readings by Hegel.

Institute for Global Ethics
Founded in 1990, the Institute for Global Ethics (IGE) is an independent, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethical action in a global context. Our challenge is to explore the global common ground of values, elevate awareness of ethics, and provide practical tools for making ethical decisions.

Institute for Philosophy in Public Life
The University of North Dakota institute’s mission is to “bridge the gap between academic philosophy and the general public.” Based on the premise that everyone can do philosophy, it fosters statewide, national, and international discussions between philosophy professionals and others who have an interest in the subject.

International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children
This international organization provides information about global movements in introducing philosophy to pre-college students and sponsors a biennal conference.

International Society for Neoplatonic Studies
Links to sites and has its own on-line journal. Useful for students doing research on the topic, as well as teachers who want to include this school in their course.

Philosophical Society (of England)
Links to a wide variety of topics, including books, articles, photos, a few activities, and the issue oriented “Who Cares?” Useful for both teachers and students.

Program in Ethics in Society
The Program in Ethics in Society is designed to foster scholarship, teaching, and moral reflection on fundamental issues in personal and public life. The program is grounded in moral and political philosophy, but it extends its concerns across a broad range of traditional disciplinary domains.

Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum
The purpose of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum is to stimulate scholarship on ethics and the teaching of ethics in all academic disciplines and to afford an opportunity for the exchange of research.

Society for Philosophical Inquiry
SPI is a grassroots nonprofit organization devoted to supporting philosophical inquirers of all ages and walks of life as they become more empathetic and autonomous thinkers who take active part in creating a more deliberative democracy.

Society for Women in Philosophy
Links to articles, readings, lists, and bibliographies concerning women in philosophy.

The Values Institute
This University of San Diego institute contains a wealth of information – curricula, media resources, texts — particularly in the field of ethics for both teachers and students.