PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization) is dedicated to being a national voice for advocating the introduction of philosophy into pre-college classrooms and to connecting the education and philosophy communities through programs, resource-sharing and the development of a national network of those working in pre-college philosophy.

PLATO offers support and resource-sharing  for teachers, parents, philosophers and others involved in teaching philosophy to pre-college students. Launched by the Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy (CPIP) of the American Philosophical Association (APA), PLATO’s goal is to attain a visible, national presence, and to advocate in both the philosophical and educational communities for more pre-college philosophy instruction.

Beginning soon, you can join PLATO by becoming a Teacher Associate Member of the APA. Founded in 1900 to “encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy,” the APA is one of the largest philosophical associations in the world with over 11,000 members.

As a PLATO member you will benefit by:

  • Becoming part of the national philosophical community
  • Sharing lesson plans and other teaching materials with colleagues (through the PLATO website, regular newsletters, and PLATO-sponsored national and regional conferences)
  • Receiving discounts at all institutes and other trainings in pre-college philosophy offered by PLATO
  • Having access to the Members Only section of the APA website (www.apaonline.org), which includes:
    contact information for all members of the APA
    current and past issues of the APA Newsletters, including the “Teaching Philosophy” newsletter (“web only” publications)
    a searchable list of conferences and seminars relevant to philosophers
    a list of grants and fellowships of interest to philosophers
    current editions of the Proceedings and Addresses and Jobs for Philosophers
  • Taking advantage of discounted hotel and registration rates at the three Divisional Meetings (Eastern, Central and Pacific)
  • Being eligible to submit papers for consideration to the three annual APA Divisional Meeting Programs
  • Receiving subscription discounts on a number of philosophy journals published outside the APA (including the annual journal Questions: Philosophy For Young People), and book discounts at Divisional Meetings.

PLATO DUES: $35 per year

Forms for joining PLATO and becoming a Teacher Associate Member of the APA will be available through the APA. We will include that information here as soon as it’s available.