**Note: Publishers are truly useful for teachers only. If one is useful for students, that will be noted.

Blackwell Publishers: Philosophy
Site has lists of over 40 journals, companion series in philosophy, guides series, big questions series, great minds series, great mind series, and anthologies.

Columbia University Press: Philosophy
Contains list of over 100 titles for sale. Fairly wide range of topics covered. Includes one potential textbook.

McGill-Queen’s University Press: Philosophy
Canadian publisher with list of over 75 titles, some of which are very useful for high school.

No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed
Videos available to promote class discussions, along with lists of  favorite philosophy links. Videos are short topical discussions, in a Socratic format. With over 30 titles, including liberty and equality, race and racism, evidence for god, friendship, and time, there are more than enough choices for all teachers.

Oxford University Press: Philosophy
Titles cover a wide range of topics. Philosophy page is divided into over 20 categories. Lists includes more than 125 titles. Includes many potential textbooks.

Paragon House Publishers: Philosophy
Includes titles listed under African, Asian, critical, general, glossaries, religion, science, society, and women. Site focuses on topics out of the mainstream. Would be most useful for courses which are designed to delve into non-traditional topics.

Philosophy Documentation Center
Wide range of materials available. Lists include journals, books, CD-ROMs, videos, software, audio books, and memberships.

University of Chicago Press: Philosophy
Divides titles into historical lists (21st century, 20th century, classical and medieval) and topics (ethics and aesthetics, political). Includes many of the classic works in philosophy.

Wadsworth Publishing Company: Philosophy

Along with a wide range of titles in ethics, logic and critical reasoning, introduction to philosophy, and upper division courses, site also includes some great special features. Seven interactive timelines, a student survival guide, links to works online, and a flowchart of the fields of philosophy. This site can be useful for students as well as teachers. Includes some potential textbooks.